Prepare your presentations

General presentation guidelines

All presentations must be made in English.

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations have been allocated 15 minutes:

  • 12 minutes of effective presentation time

  • plus 2 ½ minutes given to Questions

  • 30 seconds turnaround time between speakers

  • NOTE: Times will be strictly adhered too, and your presentation will be cut-off if you go over time.

Presentations must be made in PowerPoint and will be run a laptop using Windows 10. Keynote and other formats are not supported. The use of your own laptop is not permitted. Presenter notes will be available in PowerPoint. A lapel or hand-held microphone and hand-held presenter-laser pointer will be provided.


Use PowerPoint presentations with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and save the presentation in PPTX or PPT format.

Please note that other presentation formats (i.e. Apple Keynote, Prezi, etc) are not supported.

Videos or animations should be inserted in the presentation and must run automatically.

If you have special fonts in your PowerPoint presentation (additional to those in standard English version of MS-Windows), please embed them when you save your presentation. You can specify this by Going to ‘Options’, ‘Save’ and then clicking the check-box to “Embed Fonts in file.” Then, save your presentation as usual. Failure to do this can cause layout/style issues in your presentation.


  • Set the filename of your presentation to follow the following convention: SURNAME_Title

  • Upload your presentation to Dropbox by clicking on the following link before travelling:

  • If your presentation is large (>500mb), you have trouble uploading, or you just need to update your already uploaded presentation, please bring it on USB stick to the Registration Desk.

  • We also recommend you bring a backup USB copy.

Posters & Poster Boards

The dimensions of the poster boards are 2.4m (7.87’) high x 1.2m (3.94’) wide.

The dimension for your printed poster should be a standard A0 size: 841mm wide x 1189mm high (33.1 inches wide x 46.8 inches high). Posters must be printed in portrait (vertical)

It is very important that your poster is no wider than the stated dimensions above otherwise it would encroach on the space available for the adjacent poster - we will not accept posters that do not fit on the poster boards.

Materials for fixing your poster to the poster boards will be provided.

Power will not be provided at poster sites. Any electronic devices that you wish to have available need to have their own power supply.

These posters will be on display throughout the conference, so please make sure you allow time at the start of the conference to put your poster on the display boards. There are dedicated ‘poster sessions’ in the conference programme and it is advised that you be available with your poster during these time to answer any questions.

Posters can be printed in Dunedin.

There are two great options:

  • Speedprint, +6434771238. Contact Tina on or the general enquiries is They have suggested allowing 24 hours for this service.

  • Central Library UniPrint Shop +6434798043 lContact They have suggested allowing a few hours to 2 working days for this service.

We also advise that you bring an electronic version of your poster with you as back up. If you need your poster to be printed in New Zealand, note that both of these recommended shops are closed on Saturday. You are responsible for collecting your printed poster from the print shops.

The Local Organising Committee can not take responsibility for this.

Please note, the e-Poster option is no longer offered at this conference.