Description of the event

The International Penguin Conferences (IPC) are the leading meetings of people involved in all aspects of working with and for penguins.

Penguin populations are barometers of the health of the planet. Their populations are experiencing serious declines throughout their range. Unless scientists, governments, conservation groups and the public take immediate action to reduce the threats to penguins, their populations may continue to plummet - with many facing extinction.

The International Penguin Conference provides a forum for all concerned to create a strategic global effort on behalf of these threatened species. The International Penguin Conference is the primary gathering of the world’s leading scientists, research managers and policy makers working on penguin biology, ecology, health and behaviour to discuss ongoing research, identify current and emerging conservation issues and create action plans. The conference provides a unique opportunity to bring together disparate groups of people with a common interest in penguins; the connections they make have often proved most fruitful and have led to some exciting collaborations.

In 2019 the 10th meeting (10 IPC) will take place in Dunedin (August 24 – 28th 2019) - the first event was held here back in 1988. The meeting which lasts for 5 days (Saturday to Wednesday) attracts around 200 delegates, it is one of the few meetings which attracts people working on all 7 continents. As well as the main scientific meeting there will be a public event where the delegates will share their passion for penguins with members of the public.

Some benefits of sponsorship

  • The opportunity to promote your products and services to researchers and conservationists working with penguins around the world.

  • Participation in a prestigious leading conference.

  • Positioning your company as a benefactor of conservation and research.

  • All sponsors will have their company logos prominently displayed on the conference website.

  • Attract interest nationally and internationally through a new marketing stream.

How sponsorship funds will be used

  • To support the delivery of an event to an international audience.

  • To provide travel grants to students, through an application, to enable researchers and conservation workers to attend the meeting both to present their own work and to learn best practice from experts.

  • To support the public events which will aim to promote awareness of conservation issues amongst the general public – since penguins are one of the most popular of creatures we have the opportunity to reach a very large audience. The more sponsorship we can obtain the larger the audience we can target.

  • To support the social events at the conference – e.g. sponsoring a social event such as the conference dinner, the reception, or even just a lunch or tea break will make sure that your contribution is recognised and appreciated by all the delegates.

  • Provide the conference bag and goodies therein.

Sponsorship levels

Conference sponsorship will be acknowledged according to the following levels:

Your company logo will be seen on the following:
Sponsorship Levels: Funding levels (NZD) Given prominence on all conference materials Conference Programme Conference App Your banner displayed at entrance to conference Website Conference Circulars
Platinum >$10 000
Gold >$5000
Silver >$2000
Bronze >$1000
Supporter <$1000

Please talk to us if you’d like the opportunity to sponsor a specific event e.g keynote speakers, specific registrations, conference session, conference dinner (transport / venue / catering).