7th Circular, 09 April 2019


Welcome to this 7th Circular for the 10th International Penguin Conference being held in Dunedin, New Zealand 24 – 28 August 2019.
This circular contains information about the posters, abstracts and bursaries, workshops and how we plan this conference to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


We are delighted to announce another keynote, Dr Dee Boersma, so read about her work below. And remember to keep checking our website as further information will be added as it is confirmed.

Dr Dee Boersma (USA)
Dr Boersma is the Wadsworth Endowed Chair in Conservation Science at the University of Washington where she started her interest in penguin work in 1974. Her research has since involved penguin populations on the Galapagos Islands and at Punta Tombo in Argentina. Read her bio here.


We had hoped to offer an e-Poster option at this conference, but the technology is proving too challenging and we will now only display printed posters.  

The poster boards themselves are 2.4m high x 1.2m wide.

The dimension for your printed poster should be a standard A0 size (841mm wide x 1189mm high or 33.1 inches wide x 46.8 inches high). It is very important that your poster is no wider than the stated dimensions otherwise it would encroach on the space available for the adjacent poster - we will not accept posters that do not fit on the poster boards.

These posters will be on display throughout the conference, so please make sure you allow time at the start of the conference to put your poster on the display boards.

We advise that you bring an electronic version of your poster with you so that it can be reprinted if necessary.


Remember that the conference registration is now open and early bird closes on 24 May 2019.

You can register here https://www.otago.ac.nz/conferences/penguin-conference/


Thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract for either an oral or poster presentation, and a travel bursary. These applications are now being assessed and you will be notified by early May, in time to still take advantage of early bird registration fees.


Please note that the application deadline for Travel Bursaries is 25 April 2019.



To date we have received two suggestions for workshops:

  • State of the world's penguins
    IUCN Penguin Specialist Group 

  • Disease outbreaks / mortality events
    Ralph Vanstreels (IPRAM), David Roberts (SANCCOB), Trudi Webster (Yellow-eyed penguin trust)

For other workshop suggestions please email ipc.dunedin@gmail.com


The local organizing committee is doing their best to make this conference as environmentally friendly as possible. This means there will be no printed programme, all information will be on a conference app for your smart phones. Your welcome package will contain a USB drive with all the relevant information. We will also be gifting you recyclable coffee cups.

King penguin, Antipodes Islands

King penguin, Antipodes Islands

Local organising committee:

   Lloyd S Davis, Phil Seddon, Yolanda van Heezik (University of Otago)
   Thomas Mattern (University of Otago/Global Penguin Society)
   Bruce McKinlay (Department of Conservation)
   Sue Murray (Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust)
   Philippa Agnew (Oamaru Penguin Colony)
   Hoani Langsbury (Pukekura Trust)

International Scientific Committee:

   Peter Barham (University of Bristol)
   Dee Boersma (University of Washington)
   Pablo Garcia Borboroglu (Global Penguin Society, CONICET)
   Lloyd Davis (University of Otago)
   Sue Murray (Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust)
   Phil Trathan (British Antarctic Survey)
   Heather Urquhart (New England Aquarium)
   Lauren Waller (Leiden Conservation Fellow, SANCCOB)