1st Circular, 6 June 2018


Welcome to this first circular for the 10th International Penguin Conference being held in Dunedin, New Zealand in August 2019.

The conference will be held at one of the University of Otago’s lecture theatres, and will begin with an icebreaker the evening before. A conference dinner will be held on the last night; optional field trips will follow.

There is much to look forward too, so book out your diaries now with the dates 24 – 28 August 2019!


Local organising committee:

   Lloyd S Davis, Phil Seddon, Yolanda van Heezik (University of Otago)
   Thomas Mattern (University of Otago/Global Penguin Society)
   Bruce McKinlay (Department of Conservation)
   Sue Murray (Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust)
   Philippa Agnew (Oamaru Penguin Colony)
   Hoani Langsbury (Pukekura Trust)

International Scientific Committee:

   Peter Barham (University of Bristol)
   Dee Boersma (University of Washington)
   Pablo Garcia Borboroglu (Global Penguin Society, CONICET)
   Lloyd Davis (University of Otago)
   Sue Murray (Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust)
   Phil Trathan (British Antarctic Survey)
   Heather Urquhart (New England Aquarium)
   Lauren Waller (Leiden Conservation Fellow, SANCCOB)